faintingcouchI only produce one 100% Natural perfume per collection at Possets. Why?

First, my palette is limited. There are only so many natural ingredients I can use to make perfume, and some of the popular genres are just not possible with naturals. Forget the “foody” perfumes, the sweet sugar ones, the thumping musks; you won’t find them among the real naturals (maybe if someone is fudging).

Second, you are not necessarily going to get the same quality of ingredients from your distributor every time. I have gotten rose otto which was wonderful and the next order smelled dreadful from the same supplier. Lack of consistency is the hallmark of every essential oil supplier. Some oils are more trustworthy than others (lavender, the more volatile-smelling herbals, and patchouli), but some oils are VERY variable (rose, vanilla, tabac).

Finally, there are some time honored blends which are staples in the perfuming trade, amber is one which comes to mind. Amber is a combination of several ingredients which makes a smooth/powdery/warm compound which is beloved by many as a base. I have one supplier who made it beautifully for years and then it went flat…did they lose the recipe or did their suppliers change or did they find a cheaper and worse source? I don’t know but I do know they will never be the same and I have to stop making several popular 100% Natural blends because of it.

This is all very sad but on the other side, I love the challenge of making 100% Natural perfumes and there are suppliers who go under there are also new suppliers who appear and add scores of new ingredients to the mix; ultimately that is thanks to you and your insistence that this be a world which has natural perfumes in it.

My current 100% Natural perfume in my Halloween Collection is Grim Reaper, a stunner with pink peppercorn and hay absolute. It has a charming olive oil quality to it which preserving a spicy kick. I would say it ‘s the equal to any “conventional” blend, take a look and also take a look at my 100% Natural section at Possets. htttp:www.possets.com–Fondly, Fabienne from Possets Perfume

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