OK, there was the 1+1=3 sale, and I am working myself and my glamorous assistant pretty hard to get your orders out BUT what is next? Well, I have a few tricks to play on you all, far in advance of Halloween.

I told you about the Poppet Surprise? I will be sending out Poppets of the newest and unreleased Possets in random orders in the future, this is starting in September. Be prepared to receive a Poppet of something you have never heard of and be the FIRST PERSON EVER TO TRY IT outside of the Possets Possetorium! This will, of course, be limited and totally random. Will you get lucky? We shall see.

One and only one special scent will be released in August relating to advertising and Madison Avenue. There is a real and personal reason for this, and I would like to tell the story. The name of the scent will be Black Sheep, and when you read the tale behind it you will know why.

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