I have a calculator. I like it but it runs on those flat round batteries like hearing aid batteries. Finally I needed to replace them and so I go looking for LR1120 batteries. How hard is that?

I go to the local grocery store. No luck, they have every other type of battery but not LR1120s.

Then I go to the drug store, nope. They have all kinds of batteries including some that look like the LR1120 but they are not. They are 191s and that is not the same thing.

I go to a convenience store I know that carries a lot of batteries. That convenience store is frequented by a rich variety of people including the elderly. So, I look for the batteries I need. Nope, they don’t have them.

I say a bad word and feel bad that I had to drive all over just to find these little things thus wasting time and money. Finally I go on line and find out that Amazon.com carries them. They are the batteries I want but they also go by the name of “191” and a rich variety of other names which were not printed on the outside of any packages I saw, or were they? How would I know?

So, I buy a pack of batteries (there were only two but that is all I needed) and they charged me $2.60 for mailing (what the heck, I must have used up that much gas in my hunt for them anyway) and they will be her in 3 days and I made a one click purchase.

So, it seems to be a sad thing when going to a brick and mortar is more time consuming, less certain they will have what you want, and less friendly to the environment than by shopping on the internet where I would have found the little object I wanted in under 5 minutes and have it on its way to me (helping the UP Post Office). Sad day in a way. Or maybe it’s just an evolution.

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