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I bought a new computer, a mini Dell Inspiron. Cute little bugger, screen of about 11.6″ and it whips around to become a tablet (like the much more expensive Yoga). At about $350 I was real happy about it UNTIL I started to write an e-mail to someone and the way over-sensitive touchpad popped my cursor goodness knows where and the rest of what I wrote was out there somewhere. Drat. This happened over and over. The touchpad was jerking my cursor all over the place when any part of my hand was anyplace near it. This was getting to be a plague!

So I called Dell because I had a lot of time left on my warranty. I was on the phone for >2 hrs! They had installed and deinstalled my touchpad software more than 6 times, took control of my computer, restored it to a restore point of days ago, messed with it, jinked with it. They were working away and nothing was changing. I needed the touchpad disabled and nothing was working. Nothing.

Time marched on. Dinner needed to be made. I had to make a pitstop and my husband was making hungry noises. Two hours is a long time. I had tried to disable this beast myself and failed. It kept on coming back. I know how to do these things and nothing had worked for me. Nothing was working for the tech support people either.

Finally, they offered to send me links to other possible help sites (I felt like I was being cast adrift in a rowboat with a day’s rations and “good luck, chum”).

After being cast off with best wishes and 2 wasted hours, I leapt on a solution. It works, it costs practically nothing and takes 1 minute to do. Pictures follow. You will need a piece of thick cardboard (like what you find on the back of a writing pad), and a piece of duct tape. Cut the cardboard a bit larger than the touchpad and cover it. Then take the duct tape and tape it over the touchpad. Voila! It works, the touchpad is totally disabled.

My husband, who is a real sniffy guy, asked me to make one for his Dell, too (he has had the same problem). Problem solved! And the duct tape matches the finish on the computer, and the cardboard lends a raffish air. Behold:



This blog is brought to you by Possets Perfume which is featuring the Spring Collection for 2015 whose theme is The Last Great Georgetown Cocktail Party. The collection will center around a short story I wrote about the adventures of my mother, her social life, and how she was a wonderful symbol of the heyday of Georgetown. The party will begin now and celebrate the last collection on my old website. For this bon voyage I have concocted twenty-one new fragrances and on whopping great short story to go with them. I think you will be amused! In this blog, I will be filling you in on life and manners in the days when ladies wore gloves, furs, and jewels in midday; smoked cigarettes with impunity, had pink gins at lunch, and generally put on the most amusing airs. So come along and be one, too. It’s a blast.


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