I have plenty to do. Honestly, I don’t need to take a side trip. However, I have had this Western Data Terabyte backup drive staring me in the face for well over a year and a half.

“Feelin’ lucky, punk?” The Terabyte just keeps on laughing,”One day you are going to be expecting your beautiful welcome screen and you know what you are going to get? You are going to get The Blue Screen Of Death, that’s what, punk! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!”

I have been getting creeped out with this thing lying there with its cord unplugged and it’s winking eye dark. What if…eeeeeek!

So, I couldn’t take it anymore. Not. I had to stop what I was doing and plug it in. I fought with it, I flattered it, I hunted for drivers, I cajoled it. It finally pipped into action and I heard its innards come to life with small sounds like there was a little creature inside the shiny black box.

You can make your own backups from the software you already have installed. I use XP still, and so I just go to start-programs-accessories-system tools-backup and go from there. I can even schedule backups to run every day/week/month/year and choose only what I want to back up. Very handy that. So I am set now. I learned my lesson long ago that you don’t want to have your data not backed up.

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