Winged Victory of SamothraceLast night I took off my sneakers and told my husband,”Watch this!” I bent over and touched my toes with my fingers and then proceeded to place my palms on the floor! My knees were not bent, my hands were flat on the floor and I certainly do not want to tell you how long it’s been since I could do that! I had not rehearsed it or tried to do it any time in recent memory. I am very very flexible now that I have been practicing yoga seriously for the past 6+ months. So, trying a few adult flexibility tricks is not out of the question, and I think I will show off for my internist at my next physical in December.

Yin yoga isn’t for strength so much as it is for flexibility, and that is worth its weight in gold. If you are limber, you walk better, you have much less pain, your movements are fluid and graceful, your confidence zooms up. It’s just 100% positive and it’s simple to do.

I also tried to do The Wheel recently and was happily surprised that I could! I used to do that when I was 6, it was kind of a party trick that my parents would have me do. I was somewhat leery of trying it again, after all it is a hard one and it had been a long time since I had tried it. I went up like a pro, thanks to a lot of Yin.

Yoga is a wonderful and necessary exercise and I hope that you try it for a while and see and feel the the goodness.

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