I think a lot of you know how high I am on fitness. I do work out every day and love it. I belong to a gym and do a mixture of cardio and strength training. I got a nice package deal by paying for two years of membership up front and actually using it. As a consequence, I have lost weight, put on some very attractive muscle and can handily get the tops of pickle jars. But the proof of the pudding is much more subtle.

I had my annual physical last week. In preparation I had blood drawn and analyzed. You can’t fake that or hide the results, if there is something out of whack, it will turn up there. For all of the sit ups, push ups and other ups looking good is one thing, and actually being healthy is another.

So, I sat across from my internist and was told that my blood results were “ultra normal”. In other words I was right where I should be in every category. I did get a once over and was told that everything looked great. “That combination of watching what you eat and working out every day is really paying big dividends,” he said. And so it has been.

Eventually life will catch up with us all, but the longer you can put off pain and medical bills, the better off you are. I look at the money I pay to my gym as the cheapest insurance policy I could buy.

I am the only member of my family who was not obese by my age, and the only one who did not have arthritis by that time either. I don’t have stomach trouble (raging heartburn), high blood pressure, or diabetes (that killed my brother and it’s a very very bad disease). So, I have to recommend a good workout.

As for eating, that has taken a whole retooling of my brain. I just don’t eat between meals now and I cut my portions way down, too. I crept up into the overweight zone for the first time in my life about 2 years ago and I got a bit concerned. It was going to cost me a lot to buy a new wardrobe so I thought I might cut down on my food bill at the same time thereby saving big bucks. Heh. It worked. I also took a good look at just what I thought one portion of anything was. I realized that my idea of a portion and what I needed were two different things and so I changed my habits and realized I had to permanently change my habits. That isn’t a hard thing to do, you just have to be aware of it.

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