Wow, more going on than a 3 ring circus and more tomorrow. This was supposed to be such a peaceful day and it turned into a riot. Heh. So much to do.

Tomorrow I have lunch with my friend Sarah who has a new baby, Caroline. That is going to be great fun. I have to bring a present for Caroline and I hope I come up with something she will like. She is a real doll. Then it’s off to work!

Working on the Halloweens and really putting my all into it. I love love love this time of year, the anticipation of it all is astounding. I think that I am going to be going crazy with my new camera and video set up. Very cost effective but nice. More later, you will see the results on the website when it changes.

By the way, Sammy and Forever Home are now retired. Sammy has had the celebration of his success and Forever Home was the usual popular blend. Now we are looking forward to more good things from Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR). I just got the names for the new kitties who are going to be my Halloween and Yule stars. That always makes me happy. The Virtual Shop Cats are happy too: Penelope, Moonie, and Hayden.

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