VigorProtein is your friend. Out of all the things you can eat, this one is what keeps you from feeling hungry the longest. I don’t know what chemical mechanism is at work here, but a small amount of protein makes hunger vaporize and stay away for a long time. But know that you don’t want to pig out on it (or anything else) because you can quickly go over your calorie limit if you are not careful.

One of the most famous protein foods is meat. You don’t need much of it at any meal, and the rule of thumb that I use is to take a portion about as big as a deck of cards. That has worked for me. It manages to let me stretch my food budget, too because everyone wants to serve you 3 times as much as you need. Take the extra home with you and enjoy it later. I have gravitated to buffalo from regular beef, too. There is a lot more protein for the calories there, and it is becoming easier to find.

Fish, of course, is a wonderful low cal hi protein food. Alas, I really hate the smell of seafood and don’t enjoy eating it. I do it but it’s pretty much wasted on me. If you like it, great, but also remember that there is a bit of skepticism about whether it’s a good idea to eat a whole lot of fish (regarding contaminates in particular) so keep it varied.

Dairy products are also excellent sources of protein. I look for Greek yogurt with 0% fat. Love Fage brand, it is so Greek, and tastes like sour cream (I cannot believe how low in cal it is). Learn to love Greek yogurt with nothing on it. That’s right, NOTHING!!! No sugar or fruit (read sugary treat), honey (sugar) or anything but its own good self. I also use it as a booster rocket for milk. Putting a tablespoon of Greek yogurt in the mild and cereal makes milk taste really old fashioned yummy. Why? I don’t know but it is consistent. Try it.

One thing I stay away from is “protein bars” and other stuff like that. I am usually astounded by the calories they have in them, and other stuff, too. Oh, and they are very expensive. So, I just get my protein at meals and that saves the hassle of having to search something out when you don’t have the time.

Of course there are other protein rich foods, and they do keep your cravings down, this is just a short collection of things which I thought of off the top of my head.

I lost 25 lbs from January 2011 to June 2011 and it was slow but it worked. I realized that I had to change my habits (lifestyle if you would rather) so that I encorporated exercise into my every day, and stopped eating so darned much (there is a vast conspiracy out there, friends…). Come and visit me if you like on my website I am not a diet councilor, I am a perfumer who lost weight without too much pain.

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