VigorAs is fitting for the very last Possets’ blog in the series on weight loss, let’s talk about maintaining your nice svelte figure. You have counted calories and eschewed gooey treats. You have eaten portions less than half of what you used to eat, suffered hunger pains, given up your mid day snack and worked out until you dropped. Now you have reached your goal weight and it’s business as usual, right?

Wrong. Sorry, my friends, if you want to maintain your target weight you are going to have to change your life or face the unappetizing prospect of getting just as fat (and probably fatter) than you were before. Why? Because you changed your habits and learned to eat more, move less, and live with it as your weight went up. It became normal to have ice cream twice a week, going out was what you did, and one Coke wasn’t going to hurt anything. Alas, all of those calories piled up when they were not burned off.

I was reading a story about a man who gained 60 lbs over the course of 3 or so years. He did the math and it turned out that if he ate just 50-60 calories more per day than he needed he would gain a lot of weight. Yes, it adds up and it’s easy to do.

So you really have to change the way you live if you want to stay slim. Exercise will always be important so make sure you get enough every day: walk as much as possible, go to the gym and get into the routine, take up a sport as a hobby. Most importantly, stay away from food. Food is cheap, plentiful, usually fussed with to make it more calorie laden (putting cheese on everything is a great way to boost calories). Be very aware of what you eat and learn to fix your own meals. Start looking at eating out as a very unusual thing to do and be sure that you don’t finish everything on your plate. On trips, watch the skinny people, they never finish everything, that is one of their big secrets of success. Also, the more simple it is, the better it is for you. Skip the sauces, never mind the stuff with canned fried onions on it, stuff with cream cheese ooozing out of it is wrong for you.

Tracking your daily weight, deciding where you have to stop and take another look at your eating habits and get back to your sensible routine is a key, too. Set a limit for any weight gain you have, that is why it is so important to weigh every day and write it down. Please be honest with yourself, and take charge. I know you will be glad you did.

Pretty soon you will start living the life and I find I had to set a goal of maintaining and stick with it. I made it through Christmas for the first time in decades and didn’t gain anything. I didn’t make Xmas cookies, didn’t go out all the time, baked or grilled and no souffles. Heavy on the vegetables, and it’s magic that just a pat of butter will give the flavor and smell of butter to a big dish of vegetables! I substitute Fage Greek yogurt for sour cream and it is delicious (0% fat and it acts just like sour cream, tastes like sour cream). So, your meals don’t have to be dreaded, they can be great but just lose the food obsession.

I will never forget the moment when I realized that America had gone food crazy. I was actually in Maine and a group of us were sitting around talking about a party that was going to be given and one of the group rolled her eyes and said,”There is going to be foooooooood there! Fooooood!” And I thought,”Yeah, so what, most parties have food at them,” but there was this desperation and longing about the way she said it that made you realize food was more to her than just, well, food. That is the road to trouble, and I am sorry to say that’s the road I had to leave.

Maintaining is the hardest part of losing weight. I weigh myself every day, record the calories of what I eat, and look up how many calories are in what. I make sure I don’t wolf down everything on my plate and I do exercise every day. I have maintained my weight for 6+ months now and I really have to say that the trade off from my gluttony and sloth vs. moderation and activity is well worth it. My friends are pretty much the same way, too. Parties aren’t stuffed with dips and cheese and sugar and stuff. My friends are active and like to go out and discover new things rather than stay in one spot and eat. It has all helped my outlook. My goal is to be at the same weight I am now by next June 20. My goal after that? I think I will repeat!

So, good luck on your own maintaining after weight loss. You will be tempted at every turn but you can control your own destiny!

This is the last in the series of blogs on weight loss by Fabienne Christenson from Possets Perfumes. The next series of blogs will be about fountain pens, inks, and sealing wax; just in time for writing love notes for Valentine’s Day! Think you know a lot about romantic writing instruments? Well, I bet you don’t know what people have come up with recently, the new ideas on this old topic are really wonderful. Stay in touch and read for yourself! In the mean time, if you are of a mind to find a nice clean and light scent for working out, try one of the Possets’ Fitness Blends: Vim, Vigor, and Victory. Try them out as part of a Sample Pack! They are just about perfect to keep you fresh and good smelling while not being intrusive at all.

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