VigorDiet is your first line of defense against fat. Eating less will make you lose more weight than anything. But the activity that will make you lose the most is cardio. Making your heart beat faster will cause you to burn the most calories and fat. What activity is the champ at that? Cardio.

Cardio, you either love it or hate it. Do it. It increases your stamina and is so very good for you. This is where you are pumping, you are excited, you leap higher, you are running in place. I can burn about 450 calories an hour, and I am not built to burn–I am built to hoard. Cardio is your friend.

Ease into it. If you overdo it, you are going to feel like you cannot breathe fast enough to keep up. That would mean you are in the anaerobic zone and need to slow down. So try the lower speed classes first (even something like Zumba! Gold or Silver Sneakers) this gets you on the road to doing full fledged aerobic exercises. Ask around your gym and find out who the really tough instructors are, the easy ones and try the latter first and then progress to the harder ones.

Zumba is excellent, it’s a dance class set to Latin music and burns huge amounts of calories. It can be sort of dance but its purpose is vigorous. Zumba enthusiasts are fanatic. I love it.

Spinning is where you sit on a stationary bike and pretend to be out in the air, pedaling a real bike. It’s fun! You pretend you are going up hills, sprint to the finish line, and buzz along flat straightaways. You will burn many calories with spinning and it’s great for those who don’t want a competitive class, you are going up against yourself in spinning, and take it at your own pace.

Step is a long running class. This is where you work with a raised board by stepping up and down on it. You also: turn, leap across, lunge across it and more. Your heart rate will climb here and it’s fun. A good instructor will challenge you from head to toe with a step class.

Turbo Kick, is a sort of quasi-marital arts class where you dodge, bob, weave, kick, spin around and do all sorts of things. Your heart can really soar here and don’t attempt it unless you are in shape. It is tough.

There are a variety of Bootcamps where you don’t move much but your heart will pump very fast owing to the sorts of exercises they get you to do, sometimes it is composed of a bit of running to keep that heart rate up but the emphasis is strengthening muscles with a bootcamp usually. I have seen this called: Muscle Madness, Minute Mayham, and a variety of different things.

Cardio is where a good heart rate monitor serves you well. Find your heartbeat and act accordingly. If step is too much, dial it back or take just part of the class until you feel you can take more. No one can go in and take it all right off the bat. As a rule of thumb, your max heart rate should be around 220 minus your age but check with your doctor and do what they say. My heart rate monitor will give me the number of calories I burn, the length of my workout, what “zone” I am in (I don’t believe in “fitness zones” but if it helps you, go for it), and will tell me the time if I put the watch near the transmitter while I am working out.

I also make perfume and have created three of them especially for workouts. Honestly, I don’t like the funky aroma of other people in a sweat. At least I can keep myself fresh smelling. They are light (not overpowering at all), very fresh and I would rather trail that behind me than ‘wet dog’. I bet you know what I mean. Take a look at them: Vim (for contemplative workouts like Yoga), Vigor (for fast paced cardio workouts), and Victory for competitive and strength workouts at Possets Perfume.

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