NikeMy father was a doctor and he had a tendency to gain weight. I asked him what the most important part of losing was and he said what so many doctors say,”Eat less and move more.” It’s true, that is just what you have to do.

But which part of that equation is the most important part? Why?

For losing weight eating less is the most important part of it all, it is the hardest to do and the easiest to fool yourself into violating. You can work out all you like but you don’t burn up as many calories as you think you do (we will hear more about that later). For instance, I am a small framed woman. I go into Zumba! class and work myself stupid, getting my heart rate up to 160 beats per minute, sweating and just turning myself inside out. What will I burn up? About 400-450 calories in an hour. Think about it: I could put that right back on if I ate 2 cake pops at Starbucks and had about any kind of a sugar sweetened drink. That is scary!

So, thought working out is crucial (for a variety of reasons) if you don’t eat less you are not going to lose weight. I know quite a few people who turn up for weight lifting class twice a week and talk about how they need this class because they are going to go out on a vacation and stuff their faces this weekend. Oh, that is not going to go well for them, my friends. Lifting 300 calories twice a week is not going to compensate for 1200 calories wolfed down on a junket.

Curbing your eating is what you have to do. There are lots of lower calorie choices for you out there and yes you will have to change your idea of what is delicious and what is meh. Trust me, you can change.

I lost 25 lbs from January 2011 to June 2011. It came off about a pound a week and I have managed to keep it off for 6 months. It has not been real hard but you do have to work on it. These are the things I learned when I was going through my diet, I hope they work for you.

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