sample6blackWe are getting our ingredients together to give to our Samples Lady to put together for you. These are the winners from the Halloween Collection which you just got through voting on. The Winners were: Zombie, Min-Min, and Ouija. Alas, I don’t have them put together yet and so won’t be able to let you ask for them until I get them back all assembled and ready to go. Sorry, but it takes a bit of doing to get that aspect of the business together. But, they are in process, and you have a zillion other possible sample to choose from now. I will announce when the new samples are ready for you. In the meantime, take a look at the last days of the Halloween collection and buy the ones you want now. They won’t be around forever and I am planning on taking them down on Black Friday. No overlap with the Yules, so get your Halloween Possets now. Fondly, Fabienne from Possets

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