featherPerfume lovers owe a huge debt of gratitude to the original perfume makers of the Arabian lands. Our word “perfume” does mean “through smoke” , that was the way people first scented themselves and smoke is still the way that so much scent is enjoyed today, especially on the Arabian Peninsula. I just bought quite a few different “bakoors” which are the traditional way that Arabs enjoy scent. Bakoor looks like wood shavings (sometimes compressed sawdust) and smells incredibly rich and pungent…much more so that Western room spray/scent/candles. It is heavier and woodier by far.

To use it, you put it on a glowing coal and the coal heats it, burns it, and releases its fragrance. You have to be careful and not burn too much because it puts out masses of smoke! I always cut just a small sliver off to burn when I am in a bakoor mood.

Whenever the group meets, which is very frequently in a room called a “majalis”, one of the younger men takes an incense burner with bakhoor on it and the men stand up and have their clothes incensed.

I am not sure exactly what bakoor is made of, and I am sure that the formulae are secret but I suspect that there is a lot of oude wood, some cedar, lots of rose attar, and sandalwood at least.

I hope you try this wonderful and different incense. In the meantime, come over to Possets Halloween Collection and frolic with us for a while. https://possets.come

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