Mmmm, it was 101 F yesterday in Cincinnati when I rounded the corner to get a bottle of LP for the grill. Yes, I have fallen for grilling. Lost 30 lbs and kept them off and so I rewarded my 1 yr anniversary by buying a grill and fixing a great 4th of July dinner on it. It. Was. Wonderful! If you are a vegetarian, it’s your best friend. I sliced up an eggplant and grilled it and it was superb! Creamy on the inside, with scorch marks on the outside, toasty bits here and there and very little oil in the prep. Just took a bottle of garlic dressing and sprinkled it on lightly and voila! Woke up 1 lb + lighter! Less oil and didn’t salt a thing (yet it was all so very tangy). There will be grilling talk on this blog, peeps! Oh, and I was given a gift cert for the whole thing so I got a rotisserie to go with it. There are Cornish hens in the freezer which want to be slowly roasted outdoors. Definitively a great thing for the tastebuds and the waistline. 

Got a Charbroil two burner LP grill. It’s a Tru Infared sort. Really worth it. 

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