Kali Ji is the founder of Tri Yoga and she will be back in Cincinnati at the Cincinnati Yoga School on Wednesday June 26th from 6-9 p.m.! It is a blast! I have done this before and it is a wonderful 3 hour practice with one of the best living practitioners anywhere. It’s got: stretching, breathing, chanting, music, philosophy, and more. You will be entranced for three hours if you choose to go there. Here is what I said about it last time the class came here:

Last night I went to a THREE hour yoga class with Kali Ray who founded TriYoga. It was some of the most fun and beneficial outings I have had in years. It was a combination of flow, yin, meditations, breathing and more. The time flew by and I didn’t care if I had dinner or not. Needless to say I feel wonderful today. If you have a chance, take it! Thanks to Mary Kemper, my yoga teacher; Cincinnati Yoga School, and Kali Ray for a great evening!

If you are interested, contact the Cincinnati Yoga School at: Vishwayoga@gmail.com or look at their website here. You won’t be sorry.

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