Rolling my eyes at you!Rolling my eyes at you!Rolling my eyes at you!Everyone develops their favorite kohl “stick” which might not even be a stick at all. Some folks love to clip off a Q-tip and use that to line their eye. Most of the sticks which came with my kohl just got discarded. I have had lovely ones which didn’t work, were too thick, or too absorbent to use. The latter point is a killer.

When you are lining your eye, you are taking the powder coated stick and trying to deposit that powder on the upper and lower waterline. Sliding it all through a moist environment is essential to getting the black powder to rub off and stay put. If the stick is absorbing the tears on your waterline, that is going to make the whole thing drag across your lid instead of glide.

That is why I like a plastic (non absorbent) narrow stick with a matte end which holds just the right amount of kohl powder. This is the kind of stick I recommend, and I have tried a lot of them. You can get a bunch of them from Beauty Makeup Supply, LLC 100 cost $13.95. Perfect for kohl. Please be sure that you don’t poke it in your eye. The ends are sharp and you want to use it always parallel to your eyeball NEVER with the point toward it. At that price you can afford to use a new one every day, that would be much more sanitary for your eyes.

Many of the kohls out there come with an applicator, and some are very good indeed, like the one which is in the container of Kohl from Guerlain.The one which comes with L’Oreal is dreadful, it bends to 90 deg within 2 uses! I think the powder packs down in the bottom of the container and the wand isn’t strong enough to pierce through it. Sudi’s comes with the one I recommend, Moroccan Selection has a beautiful stick which looks like it was made by Bedouins but it is really too absorbent, and the Ancient Artifice has about 3 different kinds which come with theirs.

Of course the kind of kohlstick you prefer is a reflection of your taste, and you may just love one I don’t care for, or you might want to use a brush instead of a stick for application.

Next time, we get down to the details of how to successfully apply waterline eyeliner. In the mean time, take a trip over to Possets Perfume and check out the great Egyptian line of perfumes I have concocted for you for the summertime. Deep, oriental, resinous, and full of some of the most beautiful ingredients I have ever used. You won’t be disappointed, there is even one named KOHL!

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