The Venus of PossetsThe Venus of PossetsThe Venus of PossetsToday, Sunday August 1, is the last day to take advantage of Possets excellent 1+1=3 Sale where you can buy two bottles of Possets Perfume and get a third one absolutely free! A great way to expand your collection and get a stash of your favorite summer Posset. Anything you see on the site is fair game, including the latest of the Dark Matter fragrances, even the ones released during the sale, Cambienne is included, and (of course) all of the much loved Possets that are part of the Permanent Collection.

And as a special treat, Possets has brought back some of the best loved summer scents which were retired such as:

  • Fygmaliion
  • Dry Ice
  • Fireworks
  • Ice Skin
  • Liquid Music
  • Silver Gardenias
  • Silver Neroli
  • St. Swithin
  • Thaw
  • Wet Affair

After the 1+1=3 Sale, the above will be put away and goodness knows when they will reappear. So now is the time to add to your collection of Possets, to try Possets, to amass Possets for Holiday gift giving, or to just wallow in the hedonism of Possety pleasure.

While you are visiting, take a look at the original Victorian romance novelette I am writing and presenting over the summer called Dark Matter. I am adding chapters about every fortnight, so sign up for the e-mail announcement list (at the bottom of the Home Page) and don’t miss a thrilling installment.

Where is all this wonderful amusement occurring? Here is the Summer 2010 perfume all in one spot. Here is the latest chapter of Dark Matter, here is Dark Matter from the beginning. Yum!

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