The all seeing eyeThe all seeing eyeThe all seeing eye
Here are several infallable things I have learned from my experiences with waterline eyeliner:

    Put on waterline eyeliner with the thinnest possible applicator. Thick sticks just distribute lots of powder under your eye.
    Don’t put too much powder on your waterline. It will just fall off and smear under your eye.
    You are going to get some fallout from waterline eyeliner. Go with the flow. Smear it around for the smoky eye look, and add a smoky line on your lid near your eyelashes, too.
    There are two kinds of waterline eyeliner: soot and pigment. I have had good success by varying the kind I use. If I use one all the time, it starts to disappear quickly by about the second day of use. Why? I don’t know.
    To cut down on “eye buggers” don’t line past the eyeball to the tear duct. Again–>Don’t use too much powder.
    Put on the liner and let it settle for about 10 minutes while you do the rest of your face. Take out any buggers which have accumulated and you are done.
    Waterline eyeliner has to be maintained and reapplied several times during the day. Trust me, I have tried everything, nothing works with me. You need to be sure that it has not crept outside where you want it to go, too. If you can get it to stay all day, bully for you.

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