button1Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, always has been. People used to think I was a bit nutty for not love love loving Christmas but Halloween felt as special as a holiday could be. Children were allowed to dress up and become their supernatural alter-egos, it was about night and things which flitted to and fro in the darkness (like ghosts and bats), and there was lots of black and lots of candy. What was there not to like?

Every year at Possets Perfume I go through no end of trouble to try to come up with a theme which you will enjoy, and the perfumes which illustrate it well, and the images which set the right tone. This year I am going to do a black and white color scheme with just a touch of color.

I have chosen a famous etching by Goya as my lead image, it’s called “The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters”. There is so much to this image that I could take out lots of details, which you might not have noticed, and made them into buttons and slides. Wonderful to see the care that Goya put into each of the owls, how he captured the flit of bats, and how he maintained the illusion of shadows even when using a difficult medium like printmaking.

The name of my collection this year is going to be “The Scent of Night”. There is a lot to this one. What do I mean by that? More later.

In the meantime, take a trip over to Possets Perfume which is celebrating the last few days of the Summer of Elegance Collection which boasts glorious florals, light resins, and that surprisingly popular beauty which captured a lot of hearts, Seascapes; one of my best aquatics. www.possets.com is the address, or click this paragraph.

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