sqnsTarot Cards. I am sure you have tried to work the tarot, all those great arcane images which bring all sorts of things to mind as you dole them out and try to make them fit into your life and what you have done and what you hope. They are infallible, consistent, and sometimes painful. But I would like to bring to your attention that it isn’t the cards which are doing the work, it is you. You are interpreting their meaning based on what you want to see or do see, so in all cases you will be correct in what you conclude.

I don’t mean to imply that the cards are fraudulent, I do mean to imply that they are a psychiatric tool which is very easy to use and always tugs from the right source. So please indulge yourself with the tarot. I think that they are very good for you and may well force you to confront parts of your psyche which you would otherwise avoid.

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