heliotropeLet’s talk candidly about scented inks. In about 100% of the cases, I have filled my pen with scented ink and written away being happy in the lovely fragrance which surrounds me. However, no one ever comments on the scent when they receive the letter I so carefully crafted. Why? Because the fragrance has evaporated when the ink dried and so you don’t smell anything by the time it gets to you. Boo hoo!

I think the whole point of scented ink isn’t to really have your recipient get the aroma, it’s for you to be amused by the fact that you are writing with a perfumed ink.

You will get more mileage out of scenting your stationary instead. The fibers in paper have more of an absorptive capacity and if you put your favorite fragrance on a cotton ball and put it in a plastic bag with your stationary, the writing paper will become delicately scented and remain so for quite a long time.

However, I am not totally ruling out the possibility of an improvement in the longevity of scented inks. One company has a PLETHORA of them from which to choose. deAltramentis is the name of the company and they make literally hundreds of different scented inks, in a wonderful array of colors. You can get samples of them from Goulet Pens in Virginia. I am holding out hope for their Ylang-Ylang scent (being a perfumer, I think that one is great for its unusual color {a pinkish beige} and the fact that they DO have the exact fragrance of ylang-ylang in the ink). Field of Flowers is another which might yield the desired extension of fragrance. Here is a link to the Fruits and Flavors category at Goulet Pens, but do explore the other classifications of scented inks there, too. There are Flowers and Plants as well as Wine and Whiskey scents! What will they dream up next?

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