Kohl (waterline eyeliner) is pretty extreme and it might be natural for you and then again, it might be something you have to work at a little bit. Anyone can wear the look but there are a few pitfalls you should know about first.

Kohl’s allure hinges on an optical illusion, please remember that. All makeup works by way of emphasizing some things while making other things less prominent. Kohl really works with contrast, how dark it is in relation to the white of your eye! That’s it, that is the whole reason why it looks so stunning.

Some people can wear kohl very easily. If your eyes are large in relation to your face and other features, you will look great in kohl. If your eyes are smaller, you want to experiment with using a heavy conventional outer eyeliner to carry it off.

The High Eye

The High Eye

People like me who have what I call “The High Eye” are naturals to wear kohl! We usually look at people with our heads down slightly and have a good deal of eye white showing under the colored iris, our eye floats high in the lid. Kohl works well for us because the optical illusion it creates is to showcase the white of the eye in a rim of black. A side effect of that illusion is to make the bottom lid appear to be pushed up slightly and so your eyes automatically appear narrowed like you are looking into the sun. Since the folks who have a lot of white showing anyway can stand the lower lid appear to be drawing up a bit, the look is perfect for us.

Mid Level Eye

The Mid Level Eye

The jocular eye

The Jocular Eye

Those who have a harder time wearing kohl are people with level eyes (see the image to the left) and what I call “jocular eyes” (where there is more of the lower iris covered by the lower lid). Remember, kohl will give the illusion that the lower lid is pushed up slightly? Well, that works against level or jocular eyes.

level eyed problemHere is a perfect example of someone who has level eyes but isn’t doing themselves any favors with the kohl treatment. Is this poor girl doomed? NO! There is a fix for that, and I have it! She can wear kohl but need a bit of adjustment in order to carry it off and look intriguing instead of looking like she’s caught in a tanning booth without her shades.

The Fix? I learned about this principle in Design School: one of the most powerful design elements you can use is contrast. Using dark, light, and dark colors draws huge attention. But if you throw in a medium contrast element in there, it just gets overwhelmed by all that higher contrast ringing it. Sometimes The Fix is the most flattering approach to waterline eyelining for lighter eyed women, too. The Fix will cure all of the pitfalls you have in regard to eye shape or color interfering with your allure. It’s inexpensive, you probably already have it at your disposal, doesn’t take any more time than putting on normal kohl, and the effects can be stunning. In fact I often use The Fix when I want a change or am feeling ultra daring. So, stay tuned to find out more about kohl, The Fix, and more.

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