The Season, the time when all of the social functions took place in London. During Victoria’s reign this was analogous to the season for hunting. All of the nubile young women and their families descended on London for: balls, parties, calling on each other, driving around “Rotten Row” to impress each other in their carriages, arrangements of marriages, presentations to the queen, shopping, dress fittings, theatre, and all the events which would make a man retire to his club to get away.

When was The Season? It started officially on May 1st and ran until August 12th. It was ostensibly when Parliament sat, so you can understand why everyone was in the capital, men brought their families with them, and the families amused themselves with finding suitable husbands for the daughters.

The Season actually began to begin earlier and earlier so that there were events given just after Christmas and continued until August 12th! So, a “creep” of four months ended up being added on to the time when events were expected. Dashed expensive!

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