Sometimes I feel like a very lonely person. As someone says somewhere in this excellent documentary, there are fewer perfumers than there are astronauts! I believe that because I just never meet others and have this haunting suspicion that everyone thinks I am crazy and no one else thinks like me. Well, I was happy to be proven wrong. I was yelling at the TV when Christopher Brosius started to talk about what London smells like and what it used to smell like, and what his client would want in a fragrance which is to smell of London. I was yelling and I guess he heard me because he started to say the same things I was yelling! I was ecstatic! This is a man who understands! Thank heavens, there are others out there.

To wit: London smelled a particular way in 1969: diesel fumes, cigar and cigarette smoke, the fusty smell of pubs, some frying of fish, the interior of the black taxi (with whiffs of old cheap perfume and newer expensive cologne), and more. Times have changed and because of tastes and regulation, you now smell a totally different London than you would have decades ago. I remember the scent I got when the petcocks to the outside air were opened on the plane I came in on for my first visit. Brosius describes that smell as I do! But after years of curbing emissions from taxis, changing ingredients in perfume and taste, banning of tobacco products, and more London does not smell the same now as then.

Also, there is a neat part about Jean-Claude Ellena (creator of Bulgari The Vert) creating, and notice that he is using a fountainpen! Very cool.

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