ladywritingTis almost the season when you are going to be writing a lot more things than you do in a “normal” day. If you want to make a beautiful statement with your epistles, consider scenting them.

Some people think that you have to use scented ink to give a lilt to your letters. Actually, scented ink is meant for the writer alone. It dries and the perfume in it evaporates and disappears. By the time it gets to the receiver, they will smell nothing at all.

A better choice is to scent the paper itself, it will be more highly scented and the porous nature of paper keeps the fragrance molecules trapped for a very long time. Here is a good way to do it: Get your paper and fan it well so that the leaves are not compacted together. Put it in a plastic bag which is airtight along with a cotton ball moistened with your favorite perfume. Do not let the cotton ball touch the paper as you will get either oil or alcohol stains on your paper. It’s best to use a bag about 3″ longer than your paper, and put the cotton ball at the end of the bag with a space between the cotton and the paper.

Leave the paper in for about 2 weeks, and store it with the cotton ball until you use it all. The paper should be nicely scented and ready for you to write your billet-doux!

Try peppermint to scent your greeting cards for the holidays (or pine), spice for Halloween invitations or patchouli. Try out your favorite perfume oil for general notes.

You can use Possets Perfumes to scent your stationary with your favorite fragrance, it’s perfect for that. The Summer of Elegance Collection is winding down now and will be available only until Sept 20 or so, take a look and browse:

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