It is the next to last day of 2011. Kind of a bittersweet time. On one hand it’s almost the end of the holidays, that time which we have been preparing for for over a month. Now it’s come and gone almost. New Years is a wonderful and hopeful time, and the nostalgia of looking back over another year in our history is as peculiar as the passage of time.

Back in the days of the Romans, the turning of the year was celebrated by opening up the gates of the temple of Janus (from which our name of January is taken). Janus was the dual faced god, one face looking forward and one backward. I think he was a perfect figure for the idea of the passage of time. The temple was opened at times of the new year, and war!

Tomorrow I am planning to put the next chapter of Dark Matter up! That comes along with a new fragrance, too! Look for it.

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