NikeI love to work out and I love my “crystal” deodorant. It’s natural, inexpensive, lasts a long time, is gentle to my skin, and it WORKS! I don’t smell like a thing when I use it, no matter how hard I sweat. It lasts for days, too.

However, there is one thing I don’t like about crystal deodorant, the cute little containers it stays in. They are meant to allow you to pick up the otherwise divinely slippery crystal and glide it onto your wet underarm when you are through washing. The containers can be woven straw or plastic. The straw ones will tear into your underarm and that is unpleasant, and if the straw unravels it’s very scratchy/stabby. The plastic dishes are slick and it’s too easy to drop the crystal (and they do break if they are dropped). The better little baskets don’t unravel but eventually you will use up the crystal to the point where it will scratch you, too.

So, what I do is to buy the little “pinch” silicone cups at the kitchen stores and put the crystal in that rather than the straw or plastic basket. Voila! It stays in there nicely, looks great, is easy to grasp. It’s perfect!

Just punch a neat hole in the bottom of the cup to let it drain between showers.

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