OK, did the move, caught up on shipping, what is next? Plentah! I just installed a software program which allows me to ship to my friends overseas and get the customs form and the shipping label printed out of my computer and I can just plop it all in the mailbox and off it goes! Quick, easy FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL, darlings, so you get perfect Possets service as cheaply as possible! I am in heaven!

Ooo. Then it’s on to a long grind with the inventory (i have to inventory what I have and make sure it is right as I put away all the essential oils and resins in my collection….seems like a great time to do that). Plotting my next set of Possets for springtime (when oh when oh when will that be???? As soon as I get all my things in place at the Possetorium and get over the move, sweeties…that is still a while away—be sure to have signed up for the e-mail announcement list so you will be the first to know).

A final cleaning of the whole place (moving is a dirty business but you don’t want to clean until it’s over). Then it’s true showtime! I am keeping notes of things I want to do as I go along. I get inspired by the darnedest things and that has to be written down as it happens.

So there is more. Alas, more of the aftermath of moving BUT that is all laying a good foundation for more Possets for you at wayyyyy reasonable prices for more fun. Oh, and I have to fit a new podcast or two into the mix, a new YouTube with my new old camera (I bought a 1 gig memory stick for it and it has a lot of capacity for videos now). So, stay tuned!!!!

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