My Word!Buona Terra is the brand new crepe and gelato place in my ‘hood. A small, clean, white interior looking like just about every other food boutique you have ever seen. They are specialized and very friendly to boot. If you want a crepe which is not on the menu and they can make it, they will. My husband (the sniffy gourmet) and I entered with high hopes. He had the Bonjour crepe (ham, cheese and egg) I asked for a plain Gruyere cheese crepe and got it. They could have been bought on the streets of Paris! Not too big or small, and you can have them wrapped up for toting around as you admire the wealth of shops on a lovely May day in Cincinnati. However, if you get your crepes to go, you might miss out on the gelato.

Buona Terra uses many locally produced ingredients in their foods, and (yes) there is at least one if not moar gelato producers here in The Queen City. They had sorbets as well as gelatos and some very exotic ones indeed like: white chocolate lavender, Earl Grey, and the Italian name with escapes me now which is basically a vanilla with chocolate chips. My husband had hazelnut which was STRONG and very very good, not too sweet and supersaturated hazelnut goodness. I got the Earl Grey and if you blindfolded me I would have guessed that it was really vanilla…you could not detect the tea. So next time it will be something a bit stronger, I have heard that the lavender/white chocolate is POW so I am going to try it out!

Not the cheapest lunch out here: 2 crepes, 1 water, and two gelatos (one small and one medium) came to $21 which is medium expensive in Cincinnati. But, it was worth it and we will be back for more. Welcome to the ‘hood, Buona Terra!

Buona Terra is located at 1028 Delta Avenue in Mount Lookout. (513) 386-8356 is their number if you want to call. You can have lunch or dinner there.

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