HM King Moonie

King Moonie

Last night I went to the open house at Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR). It was a great evening and Penelope, Hayden, and Moonie and I sat down for a bite and a chat. We felt it was a good time to chat as I was just about ready to move to the new Possetorium and Penelope wanted to talk to me about the new fork lift truck and a couple of attachments she wanted. Hayden is in charge if inventory now (congrats) and Moonie will be helping me with the customer service and cleaning out the mixing equipment.

We talked to everyone at the rescue, Liz and the gang. They are doing very very well and doing so much good for the kitties. I can tell you that the place was spotless and smelled perfectly clean.

The best news of all is that there was voting for the King and Queen of the Rescue and MOONIE WON KING! Now we have to address him as Your Majesty (Penelope refuses) and curtsy (or bow) when he enters. Despite his grand elevation, Moonie just laughed and said that he was pleased to get so many votes. Modest guy.

But I wanted you know. He is a royal gem.

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