Get carried away at Possets.This year, Possets has gone crazy for poetry and Dante’s Inferno is one of the definers of epic poetry. In addition, Possets has combed the earth to bring you rich resins, fabulous essences, and modern musks; then combined and recombined them to make some of the most stunning and beautiful perfume available. Come and see what the excitement is about and revel in the luxury of a truly original scent at the loveliest time of the year.

It is Halloween and time for the veil between heaven and earth to become thinner and more transparent, as we prepare for a long winter’s “sleep” and refresh ourselves for the sweet growing season of next year. Darkness and the cool air attend closer as we smell smoke, see the leaves turning to golds and oranges, decorate our houses, and ready the Halloween costumes and treats. We have always celebrated the turning of the seasons, and it’s still a thrill. This year, Possets has decided to turn to verse and that elevated form of expression to underscore the mood. So please pay us a visit and see the Halls of the Infernal Regions for yourself and imagine the beauty of the perfumes there. They are seductive!


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