allthosethingsEvery year has its “hot” fragrance, something which you had no idea was important until it is. What’s up for 2015?

Cardamom has taken the fragrance world by storm! I find that in just about every important blend I sniff.This is the logical outcropping of the “foody” craze which has become a staple in the scent world. First it was mimicking the scents of foods and now it is mimicking the scents of food elements. Expect to see lots of cardamom featured fragrances for fall.

Peach, this one was highly predicted to be the run away best seller for summer. Did that happen? Yes, but I think that it was a bit of a shock and at the same time too old fashioned to catch on this summer. We had been through fruity and been through foody and sweet. This was something which people were more inclined to think “Jolly Rancher” than the seductive smell of a peach. However, expect this one to come out in a huge way in the fall paired with (you guessed it) cardamom and resins. That would be a delightful addition to the pumpkin for fall line.

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