The barred owl in our backyard

Our Barred Owl

I have a hoot owl who lives in my backyard, and raises a family every year. I am listening to him hoot right now. I have seen him, and he is also called The Barred Owl. He stands about 2 feet high and is majestic. One year he and his children flew by me when I was going out at twilight. A hunting expedition, surely. There is plenty to catch in my neighborhood, that is why people have to keep their small dogs and cats indoors. The owl family is not picky and would just as soon fly away with the cock-a-poo next door as to pounce on a mouse, you know.

Sometimes, you hear the owls in the day. I think that is the mating

The Owl with a Night Shot

The Owl w/Night Shot

season. People are diurnal and so we go out at night when it’s our mating season. We have nightclubs and that is when we have fun. Well, if we were owls, we might think of daytime as the time to have fun and have dayclubs. I think that is when owls have their dates, in the daytime.

Owls and bats seem to make “negative noise” when they fly. It is slightly disconcerting. You can see the motion but there is nothing to be heard. No rustle of wings or feathers, no cries. It’s almost like a big felt blanket is pulled over any ephemeral evidence of their passage. You feel it rather than hear it, sense their movement through your skin.

Well, I am going back down to the Possetorium today to start production in earnest of the Pascal/Vernal blends. Great fun and lots of motion to make of my own before I can say I am ready. But I am moving forward, the first production run from the Possetorium will be forthcoming as soon as possible.

(The pictures are of our barred owl when he decided to pay us a visit. I took a picture of him in the waning light, and one at deep twilight which is the black and white one to the right.)

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