Isabella from Dark MatterThe last chapter of Dark Matter is ready for you. What will it be, Bliss or Sorrow? That is going to depend on you, dear reader. Whatever it is that you secretly want for Isabella and Stewart will be their fate. Also, there are two exquisite perfumes which sum up their experiences along the odyssey of love. Bliss is a meltingly beautiful blend replete with some of the most appealing Bulgarian polyantha rose which I have been saving for just such a momentous occasion. A super sexy treat. The other fragrance is called Sorrow and calls to mind the solemn character of an upper class funeral replete with sideways glances and everyone dressed in beautiful sable finery. I made the chypre which is in it myself, and that mingles with a galbanum that adds a green richness to the blend. Of course there are other secret ingredients in here, like an illusive black musk. Just the sort of thing for this season of the year.

So take a look at the final chapter of Dark Matter. I loved writing this and I hope that you are just as charmed and surprised by it as I was.

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