MedusaThe recession is purported to be over but the carnage is still with us. I buy a lot of ingredients from a lot of sources and they have changed considerably since I started the business. Of course prices continue to rise BUT even more scary is that many of the houses have decided to carry fewer ingredients. So if something wasn’t a top seller, it is discontinued. Add to that the number of ingredient houses which have gone out of business and you have a movement which is eventually going to cause me some trouble.

I like to work with unusual ingredients and so this has hit me pretty hard, not to mention the fact that I am persnickety about what things I put in what. That means some blends will have to be retired. I am trying to identify them now. Some are permanent parts of the Possets’ line, and those I will list in the Endangered Blends section.

Once in a blue moon, I can indeed find another source for something that is discontinued and that will fetch it a reprieve. So, you might see something going into the Endangered List and then off. That is rare though.

So, I am looking at it philosophically. Nothing is so certain as change, and ever the greats eventually change or disappear. So, I hope that this gives everyone ample time to stock up if they like. I am confident that there will be even more interesting things coming and that I can make perfume forever which is lovely and wondrous. It’s just that it’s hard to say goodbye to things you thought you could count on.


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