pomegranate sorbet logoPossets has just release a perfect quantity of 4 new fragrances to celebrate the end of summer, along with a brand new chapter of the Victorian romance novel, Dark Matter! A great deal of fun when the kids are off to their first days of school and you have a couple of minutes to yourself with a nice cup of coffee.

Dark Matter’s plot finds Isabella ensconced in Rome at the height of summer and having gone from a whirlwind of non stop social activities in London to abandoned in The Eternal City. But no one as attractive as Isabella is ever alone for long and some very expensive fur starts to fly before long! Pomegranate Sorbet is served in the elegant but treacherous salon of Madame Von Rilke, the shady grand dame from Baden-Baden and her “troupe”. Smell the gorgeous ruby ice in Pomegranate Sorbet for yourself and be whisked to Madame’s plush interior for the action.

In addition, another state makes its appearance, Tennessee is a marvelous blend of stone, ozone, and greenery will have you feeling like you are not cooped up in your cubicle, but hiking through the mountains on your way to a great evening in Chattanooga.

Black Sheep, with a folaard tieThen a couple of personal notes. I had a real Madison Avenue ad man in my family. He loved martini’s, cigarettes, had a wild imagination, and got fired by overusing all three. Don Hopkins, Jr was THE family Black Sheep for years. Well, it’s about time that Don went from sheep to chic. It’s pretty daring and avoids the obvious cliches of tobacco and cognac in favor of revealing itself as a “zesty animalic”. And what, pray tell, is that? Find out for yourself.

And last, Res Ipsa Loquitur commemorates my stint on jury duty. You will do your duty with a smile, and smell so great that no one will disagree with you. Two ambers (for agreeableness), fern, and a very very small amount of eucalyptus make you compelling evidence that scent counts. A grown up, unisex fragrance which is full of authority but attractive. Great for professionals, but only the sexy ones.

There you have it, the mini update for the end of summer from Possets. Just enough new things to satisfy you at this very important time of the year. Savor it, you will be rushing around like mad soon and this may be your last time to be just a little relaxed. So, come and visit Dark Matter at Possets and see what Isabella has gotten into now for starters.

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