meltbabyYou have heard of the Elements of Style, I think we are due for a tour around the Elements of Scent. We have not evolved a scent vocabulary or grammar yet, and I think that is a pity. This might be because everyone smells things in a different way, or that scent is not as easily classified as color is. But I suspect that no one really tried to make scent into a logical progression of things in an orderly way, like the Periodic Table of the Elements based on atomic weight.

There are a lot of ways we could approach this task: by sweet to tart, from natural to man-made, from old to new. I think that doing it as a family might be a good way to approach this initially. I don’t mean to be weighty about it, and there is no chemistry test you are going to have to take at the end of it, but let’s take a trip through the scent neigborhood and see what is where. It might surprise you and you might find out a thing or two. I am going to follow the Possets “Scent By Note” list on my website. And the first one of the families is: Aquatics. Stay tuned, this is going to get interesting.

In the meantime, hop over to Possets and take a look at our brand new Yule listing for 2015. There are representatives from each of the scent families and it’s just fun going through the list of perfumes on offer. This year our Yule theme is Portraits and we are offering free shipping on all orders through December. Now is the time to stock up and give your gifts (we always have a great presentation, perfect for gift giving right out of the shipping envelope!

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