As some of you undoubtedly know, I have been searching for the perfect eyeliner for quite some time. I want to line the “waterline” of my eye as well as to do a conventional black line above my eye. I have roamed the 4 corners of the earth, I have asked questions of wise people and listened to the esoteric thoughts of a legion of aesthetic geniuses and still I found that the eyeliner I used disappeared from the eyelid and the waterline washed away anything I put on my lower or upper waterline.

Then, out of curiosity I went back to what I was using when I first started my quest to find the perfect eyeliner combo. Don’t you know I have not found anything better. I put on L’Oreal Kohl (the kind that comes in the traditional pot and is powder and you put it on with a stick) this morning at about 8 and it’s still there. Then I lined the upper lid with Maybelline waterproof liquid eyeliner and it’s still there, perfectly black and fresh as the minute I first put it on.

Yes, those two drug store products are the absolute shiz-nitz. They are still there, still strong, still beautiful. Highly recommended. Total cost of under $10 and you can’t use them up in under a year. I am a fan. The kohl is especially amazing as nothing has ever stayed on my waterline for more than half an hour. Now you know.


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