victoryWhen you go into the gym you are likely to see at least one person just overdoing it. They are picking up HUGE amounts of weight, they are leaping around like a tuna fish on a gun boat deck, they are practically turning themselves inside out in mid-air to get in that workout.

‘bet you don’t see these people in the gym every day…just on Saturday. Betcha.

I bet that these people try to get in 7 days worth of workouts in one day. I bet they can do it, too…until they hit 35. Then I bet they stay out of the gym until they get harangued by their doctor decades later about their lousy physical shape. I bet they don’t have pleasant memories of working out, too.

You can avoid that kind of sad end by just not tearing yourself up in the first place. Work out but don’t beat yourself up while you are at it. You want to build yourself up not hurt yourself. And it takes a long time of patient unremunerated toil to become a great looking and feeling specimen.

I had an almost perfect workout today. I didn’t lift 10000 lbs, I didn’t do anything too fast, I savored every move I made, I brushed aside the pain of working out (because it’s supposed to be hard), I enjoyed the solitude of weightlifting in a group (because you are always by yourself). At the end of the class my muscles were happily tingling and I was in a great mood.

The secret was not to overdo, and do what I did well. Be aware of your movements and enjoy them.

I want to have the same experience tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that.

It was a great day in the gym. I learned something.

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