I was standing in line in Meijer yesterday and my eye landed on the cover of a tabloid/scandal magazine which offered to divulge the peccdellos of Miley Cyrus, biggest bad girl in the media. What dreadful things could they say? How deeply could they shock us? It occurred to me that the most dreadful set of lies they could tell us about her would look thusly:

  • Miley goes to bed every night promptly at 9:00 p.m. after consuming a glass of warm milk.
  • She enjoys playing the piano especially the Etudes of Chopin.
  • Miley attends church at St. Steven’s Episcopal Church.
  • She hasn’t really had a boyfriend, but is saving herself for marriage.
  • She drives a late model Toyota and does not smoke or drink.

I am sure if some tabloid could prove all or even some of the above, Ms. Cyrus’ career would vaporize. :)))

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