Isabella Bandfield had quite a lot of obligations to look forward to in her journey abroad. She was going to be presented to the queen first, then the London Season would start.

The Season ostensibly began just after Christmas though officially it started on May 1st. It lasted until August 12th and coincided with the sitting of Parliament.

The Season itself was the time when all the most important members of society met in London, the women spending their days: making visits to each other (each visit not lasting more than 20 minutes then getting up to go to their next); getting ready for parties, balls and feasts; and shopping for new clothes and accessories.

The most pronounced purpose for The Season was to have marriageable girls paraded in front of rich titled men so that they would find a suitable spouse and live comfortably ever after. So, the young women were at their most radiant and elegant, families spent fortunes on their daughter’s day in the sun.

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