Yoga CollectionWhen I was growing up I remember watching Lilias Folan on my TV as she did a half hour of Yoga practice. It was a very cheap TV show, grainy black and white with one dimensional sound and I loved it. I would try to imitate what Lilias did and held her in high regard for her calm and supple approach to a physical mastery I admired. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Lilias taught a yoga class in Cincinnati in my backyard (almost). I took a class from her to get the real experience and to be able to blog about it.

Lilias Folan gives a yoga class at YogahOMe in Mariemont Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati. The studio is clean and attractive and everyone makes you feel right at home. I didn’t know how Lilias would be, I was afraid she would be some aloof and otherworldly dismissive type BUT I was almost greeted like a family member! Really kindly hello from her, she wanted to know my name, how long I had been practicing, and a genuinely concerned person!

However, if you think that Lilias practices a watered down wimpy kind of yoga, you are sadly mistaken. This lady rawks the mat. I was lucky, I got in on a course where we were doing just the usual basic things (Downward Dog, sitting, some balancing poses, etc.) BUT we were told that Lilias is going to start preparing everyone for the shoulder stand next time! My blood ran cold…I am not prepared to go in for that BUT if I were, I would definitely take it from Lilias.

She talked freely about her injuries, how she had been operated on for shoulder pain and such. So there is a risk of overdoing it or just doing it so much over the years that it finally catches up with you. Lilias is in her 80s and I have to say that I hope I am as well preserved and frisky as she is when I am that age.

After the class was over, I really felt like I have been through a well thought out exercise in yoga. As I said, we didn’t do anything particularly unusual and didn’t strain ourselves to the max, or writhe about in flowing gesticulations, or try to summon the spirit of Shiva or anything of that ilk. However, our practice was mindful, flowing, interesting, challenging and fun.

I highly recommend that you treat yourself to a class with a Master next time you are in Cincinnati for a visit or certainly if you live here and like Yoga. Lilias practices at YogahOMe in Mariemont at 10:45 a.m. Mondays only.

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