Well, it’s going to be in the 90s today. Hot and dry and very summery. Very. I better enjoy it because tomorrow starts weather in the 70s (which I prefer) and then it’s going to start dipping down into the 60s. Mmmm. I am really liking the sound of that.

Funny how there are times when the seasons change abruptly. Bang, that is the End of summer. But, we might actually get some rain during the first part of next week, which would be welcome.

I am happy for fall coming. Love the turning leaves, blue blue sky, apples (mmmm) and the way it makes you feel as if you want to bustle and scurry about instead of pulling yourself from one task to another, as you do in the oppressive humidity.

So, we are technically in autumn, but will really welcome it tomorrow. Whew!

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