Though spring is officially here, it is coming out little by little as usual. I imagine that all of the roots and sinews of each of the plants in the backyard are furiously working but you can’t yet see the results. I think they have to go past a tipping point and then will unfold the wonderful things they have been working on. There are quite a few daffodils, and a blue flower that no one seems to know what it’s called, and the last crocus (the LAST one…already). Snowdrops are over now and I am sure the aconite which danced merrily across our neighbor’s lawn has retired for another year. The robins are plopping themselves into our poplar tree, sharpening their bills and wiggling their rumps and looking looking looking for something succulent. I think the males are getting a more truculent stance now. They look so serious.

I got pretty far yesterday in the Possetorium, but have a good deal more to do before I can let loose the Possets! I am afraid that I am the only one who knows how to do what I have to do (computer stuff) and so I have to figure out my new systems and get it all together. But I think that the biggest part of the learning curve has been passed and things will start to pop here pretty soon. Keep your eye peeled. If you are interested, go to the front page of the website and sign up for the newsletter. That way you will know the exact second when it happens. Like spring.

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