St-Lawrence the original grillmasterThe gentleman to the left is St. Lawrence. Poor St. Lawrence, he was grilled to death by an evil emperor somewhere and so he became the patron saint of grilling. So, we will give him a place of honor in this latest post on the subject. You can see the lad in his very hot looking vestments holding a portable (though quite heavy) outdoor grill device. Nothing fancy, just add the charcoal and hope for the best.

But on a less savage (and more basic) note, I had a very very fine dinner last night on the CharBroil. I am pretty picky about meat and I was told by my next door neighbor that skirt steak was excellent on the grill. “Pish posh,” I thought,”skirt steak is as tough as old shoe leather.” But my neighbor persisted and I bought what appeared to be a nice one.

Now to marinade it (Recipe at the end of this blog). I left it in the refridge for the day and pulled it out last night. I fired up the grill and started to cook the olive oiled zuccinis (wanted the grill marks on them). I put them directly on the grill for the marks after rubbing with olive oil. They were followed by a small basket of cherry tomatoes and peeled garlics. Things were smelling good. When the skins of these vittles got wrinkly and done looking they were put up in a larger basket in the warming area above the grill. I used medium direct heat but kept the lid down.

About that same time I put three ears of corn on the grill wrapped in aluminum foil and let them go for about the same time, letting the skins of the squash tell me when they were ready to come off direct heat.

I took the skirt steak out of the bag and dried it off. Onto the high direct heat it went for 12 minutes (6 on each side). The marinade oozed out of the steak making it look beautifully glazed and done on the outside.

I still had a bunch of asparagus to fix and I broke them off where they were the most tender, I oiled them with olive oil, and put them in a flat bottomed steel basket I bought from Weber on It has slits in it and the bottom is mostly solid which I find is wonderful for causing a toasty looking char to the outside of veggies. When you have a mesh basket, the food does not come into contact with a flat hot part and does not produce as nice a dark brown char to it. The asparagus roasted away for 6 minutes. You don’t want it to get near the yellow zone, that ruins it.

Took the entire dinner into the house and ate some of the best food I have ever cooked. I have no idea of what makes grilled food that much better than what you do indoors, but it certainly does make a difference!

One thing that really helps is if you have thought about which things need the longest cooking time and in what order you are going to go. Grilling is a real quick experience and it demands all of your concentration. You don’t want one thing to get overdone while cooking another thing. Be sure to have all of your utensils at hand and ready to go, and those while things next to the asparagus basket above, those are spare silicone hot mitts. Sometimes I have to remind myself that all this stuff is very hot and not get distracted by the beauty of it all.

Here is the site for the skirt steak marinade. Bon Appetite!

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