3:5:8 Perfume Oil

3:5:8 Perfume Oil

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The perfect proportion. The balance is divine. This perfume is also balanced among its many components so that it could not need anything more. Stately and a sort of "Sofia" perfume. I would have to say that "Secret Knowledge" comes to mind when I tried to word associate after making this one. Characterized as insidious and sultry. The darkest of all black musks which I have ever used (very special and only obtainable in small quantities (and I have been aging it carefully in my aging cabinet). A gleaming DRY smokey vanilla which almost is something other than vanilla, it is so complex. Finally it is all finished off with a very light dusting of precious jasmine, but the kind I use is not stinky at all*. Finally a light version of night blooming cereus and a wild incense which is like the lovechild of nag champa, high and dark. A deep sexual Tantric fragrance. * I grow jasmines and know which ones are the varieties I like and which ones are the overly aggressive, stinky, or unpleasant types.

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