madmegWhen I work out hard I get very thirsty, that is normal. To slake my thirst I used to buy all kinds of sports drinks, the diet variety. Unfortunately something always went wrong somewhere along the line. First, a green tea drink I used to get from my local grocery started to taste fishy. Ick! Next I tried the powdered drink mixes and they were always tooooooo sweeeeeeeet by far. There was just so much sweetener in them that I could not stand drinking them after a while. I tried to dilute them to no avail, once you get that over-the-top taste in your head, you can’t get it out. Bla! The better ones were always the pricey ones. Then, there started a hybrid bunch of drinks which were “100% natural” and contained high fructose corn syrup (which is 100% natural if you live in some parallel universe and aren’t too picky), were “lite” (only 100 calories per serving and each 16 oz bottle contained 25 servings—ha ha ha). *Sigh* I give up! The drinks industry must be making money for every calorie we consume, not each bottle of beverage we buy…I am convinced the whole thing is backward.

So, after all that tribulation, I decided to make my own sports drink. I am not a purist, I like a bit of flavoring to my liquid. I found myself in the highly unfamiliar place of actually LIKING unsweetened tea! I have always loathed tea, and unsweetened and unlemoned tea was just foul as far as I was concerned. Then one day a miracle happened, I started to like plain tea! Then I started to work out and drink plain tea. Rather than go buy it in the store for grossly inflated prices, I got myself one of those big plastic pitchers and threw in:

  • 4 green tea bags
  • 4 black or orange pekoe tea bags
  • 4 Peach Passion tea bags from Celestial Seasonings

Then I filled the pitcher with water from the tap and put it in the refrigerator. After a couple of hours there was tea in that thing! I normally start drinking it when it turns an appetizing color but it’s best to leave the bags in overnight and take them out the next day. Squeeze all the goodness out of them before discarding.

Then I have a huge amount of tea: ready to use, cold, in a flavor I like, with all the benefits of green tea without the fishy taste. Just pour it into my water bottle and off I go. Very refreshing and with no ugly after taste, added junque, or high price. Try it. Throw in a handful of mint when you brew, try other flavors of herbal teas (chai or constant comment). I bet you will get spoiled and like your homemade tea better than that store-bought stuff!

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