originalaristocratsThe above is an abbreviation for,”Speak Proper English, Dammit!” I am thoroughly sick of people who can’t seem to grasp the concept of the difference among: 1) cursing, 2) swearing, 3) vulgarity, 4) common rudeness. I will explain them to you and then you will know.

1) Cursing-To curse, you have to state that you wish something bad would happen to another person, place, or thing; and you have to call upon The Almighty to accomplish the destruction. A common curse is,”God Damn you!” “Dammit!” is also a popular general curse.

2) Swearing-Calling upon The Almighty to witness the truth of some statement. “I swear to God that if you boys don’t turn down that ‘devil music’, I am going to throw you all out of the car!” The speaker has declared to The Higher Power that they are going to do something if something else does not occur.

3) Vulgarity-Using coarse and offensive language is vulgarity. It really isn’t as bad as cursing or swearing because calling upon God is not the point. Vulgarity is used frequently in Western civilization, more now than ever. The purpose is to call attention to what is being said (“…What the F*CK?”), to ‘underline’ a statement as true (“I will f*cking KILL you!”), or for comic effect (“Can’t you be a good F*UCKING Catholic for five F*CKING minutes?”).

4) Common Rudeness-This can be all of the above. Cursing, swearing, and vulgarity are all forms of rudeness. Rudeness is the “umbrella” concept here. You can be rude without any of the other elements being involved, for instance: assault and battery is rude, sneering is rude, ignoring the pleas of worthy supplicants is rude, using the wrong fork to eat your salad is rude but not as rude and insulting a police officer whilst drunk by speculating on his mother’s profession and pass times.

I hope this essay has cleared up the parts of English anti-social elements and that from now on you are well aware of what you are doing when you do it. Trust me, you will be a much happier and more lucid speaker. English can be a slippery slope, don’t let it drag you down socially!

This blog is brought to you by Possets® Perfume. A place very high on good grammar, and low on excess vulgarity (except for comic effect).


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