ice beardsThis is Presidents’ Day and it is snowing like mad. Tiny flakes talcumed all day long and so we had at least 5″ more of snow at this point (actually I think it’s closer to 8″). That means the whole city has gone catatonic. Maybe that isn’t the truth, I think that the good citizens of Cincinnati are slyly taking a day off. I looked out of the window this afternoon and a group of about 10 adults were walking up the street together with their dogs and having a good time. That is the thing I like about my neighborhood, we like each other and like to play and have a good time together. I spent the day trying to make the WordPress blog into a thing of beauty. Thanks to Joni my friend, geek, and fellow admirer of things cyber. I think this is going to work,this WordPress stuff.

I am so ready to move into my new Possetorium. I have been working hard to get everything in place so that the move goes as smoothly as you can imagine it to be. Anything I am going to take is boxed up and labeled, the things that the movers are going to take are cleaned up and put in a way that they can get them out quickly.

There wasn’t much to give away, strange for 10 years at the Pendleton. I did have quite a few canvases that I don’t want to keep. At the end of my art career I got busy and stretched a whole lot of them, better to do that than to try to paint, right? So it was analysis paralysis deluxe. Well the kids at the Behringer-Crawford Museum will be the beneficiaries of my mad dash at the end.They love donations like that. On Friday they will come to take away the canvases. Much of the rest of my painting things were given to the next door neighbor’s child who was going to major in art at the local university. She quit after a year. It is a very very difficult thing to want to do.

But, I love thinking about moving. It is going to be great.

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